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This program is unique because it targets the high school aged player who has some competitive experience and wants to improve their position on the high school team. This program will include practice, play and guidance geared toward acquiring a higher level of skill on the golf course suitable for high school competition. Focusing on the mindset, scoring and purposeful practice.
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Will parents be involved in the program?
We encourage parents to become a big part of the program so they understand the commitment it takes to become a competitive golfer. We will help the player coordinate with the parents to ensure a functional schedule that is realistic.
Will you help with tournament preparation and scheduling?
Absolutely! This is a very big part of a successful progression through the competitive ranks. We will go over a schedule that fits your ability level and guide you through the process so you are competing at the proper level.
How many will be in each group?
The team/coach aspect keeps the ratio low. You will not have more than six players to a team allowing for more personal interaction with the coach.
Will I get a practice program?
Yes. A specific practice program that incorporates skill acquisition as well as practicing with consequence will be developed for each player. Your practice will be monitored by your coach and you will be given advice on how to practice more effectively.
Will there be on-course training?
Yes. We firmly believe that every player should be trained on the golf course to use the skill set they possess to the best of their ability. Competitive golf specific coaching, game playing and on-course scoring techniques(course management)will be implemented.
What will the program involve?
We specialize in lowering your score through physical conditioning, improving your golf swing, mental game, course management, nutrition, club fitting and other techniques that will give you the edge you need to succeed.
What should I expect from this program?
Our focus is to lower your score. We will create an environment to nurture the competitive spirit and condition the player for success. Every player will be in a competitive team atmosphere which will help push them to the level of success they desire. You will be coached in a competitive atmosphere while practicing and playing.
What is your absence policy?
Our absence policy is as follows. You get two missed sessions over the 12 week period or 4 in a 24 week program. After the allowed total missed sessions, any subsequent absences will count as an attended class.
What does my child need to bring to class to be prepared?
Please have them bring themselves on a consistent basis, a water bottle, sunblock, proper clothing for the current weather and clubs if they have them. Golf shoes and gloves are optional unless we are working indoors,then flat soled shoes are desirable..
When does the program start?
You can start a program at anytime. Registration is rolling and additional programs will be developed due to demand. If a program is filled then another program will be established when enough participants sign up.
What is your absence policy?
I allow for two absences every 12 weeks a person is in the program. Excused absences include playing in tournaments, family emergencies, vacation, etc. If you miss more than two(2)during a session time period, you will be charged with a session attended.
Will there be additional programs?
Yes. As sessions fill up, other programs will be added to the schedule.
What happens when there is inclement weather?
This program is an indoor training opportunity to hone new skills through the off-season. State of the art technologies will be incorporated into the curriculum as well as Progressive Skill Acquisition and Training.
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