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At Matt Kluck Golf we will accelerate the learning process so you will lower your score and get results faster than any other form of teaching/instruction available. By focusing on the Golfing Mindset, the Keys to Scoring and Purposeful Practice we will get you to your results - we guarantee it.
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Do you have a swing philosophy/method?
Yes. We work with each student individually to identify their best natural swing with a minimalist attitude toward technical changes. We use different techniques to get maximum results.
Do you use video analysis?
Yes. We use video when we introduce a new swing characteristic to the student. This helps to give the student the visual perspective to aid and advance their learning process.
What kind of results can I expect?
We expect our players to lower their scores and this result is guaranteed!
What is covered in each session?
We base each session on what the players want to accomplish. We then explore the process needed for success. When you sign up for a session we ask that you identify specifically what you want to work on..
What if I am brand new to the game of Golf?
You have found the perfect place to learn in a comfortable, non-threatening environment that will allow you to learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. You will explore your swing with some very basic movements to get you feeling how to be more efficient. We then begin your golfing education on what golf is really about and what you can do to improve and enjoy the game for the rest of your life.
Will I be playing with players of similar ability?
Yes. We work with players of all abilities which will allow each player to grow and develop at their own pace in a comfortable environment.
Will there be additional sessions?
Yes! As sessions fill up others will be added to the schedule.
When are the sessions?
This is based upon the program you choose.
Is this a clinic?
No, our adult program is a cutting edge coaching program based on a team environment that involves the player in a process oriented environment that is focused on lowering your scores. No matter your skill level we have a program for you.
Do players go on the golf course?
Yes! We take our players to the course. Our belief is that the game should be learned on the course and not strictly on the practice areas. This allows the coaches to help you implement what you have learned on the practice ground and learn to lower your scores.
What is the cost?
The adult coaching session is the best value in golf instruction and the actual cost $960.00 for ten sessions with one private half hour lesson per month. The results are guaranteed, more time is spent learning on the golf course and the price is lower than private instruction. For pricing click on a program choice.
Do you offer private lessons?
Yes. Private lessons are done alongside our coaching programs for those of you who would like individual attention at an additional charge. If you sign up for a package you will have the opportunity to take one half hour lesson each month.
When does the session start?
The session is year round and starts whenever you decide to begin the program. The enrollment is rolling and if there is a spot open on the date you select, you can begin that day. If not we will either create another class or you will start when another participants session ends.
We need to change you in order to get the desired results!
You must practice with purpose as well as consequence. You must be willing to accept poor shots, mental toughness, and learn to manage your game, not the one you think you have! Our (we are a team) success is based on lowering your score.
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