Private Lessons


Matt Kluck is available for individual private lessons. Lessons are 50 minutes long and cost $150.00 for adults and $130.00 for Juniors under 18. For those in the "Coaching Program" all lessons will be one-half hour and will cost $75.00. My location is the Mt. Lebanon Golf Course. To schedule a private lesson please call 412-341-2062 or email me at
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Why do you recommend coaching programs rather than private instruction?
I believe that the coaching model works more efficiently because more time is spent on course applying the skill the student possesses. The student learns to transfer newly learned skills faster and the ability to retain the skill on-course is imbedded into their skill set permanently. This leads to lower scores and more fun. Additional coaching, 1:1, is necessary at times and will be recommended if needed.
Do you recommend private lessons?
Yes, but we do not believe this style of learning is the most effective way to learn. We believe that Golf is best learned in a team environment, on course, where players develop interpersonal skills, competitive drive, problem solving abilities and most of all, have FUN.
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